Your direct sales store directly on your site

Your direct sales store directly on your site
Do you already have a website that perfectly reflects your business? The Mimeshop allows you to distribute the products you sell directly on your website. The producer at the heart of the action!

Why did you create the Mimeshop?

Each craftsman or producer can already have a certain notoriety around his products. Its brand image is very often already visible on its website. The richness of Mimelis is above all the diversity of its producers.

Showcase or e-commerce sites are not suitable for this type of sale

Online sales often lead to a deterioration in the quality of products. It is indeed often necessary to face all the constraints that the delivery can entail, or to problems of logistics and storage. It is very often the final product and the consumer who suffers. In addition, the stocks that are allocated on a traditional e-commerce site are often very static.

On Mimelis it's just the opposite, you can share your products at any time and make the assemblies that seem appropriate to you at any time. A sale that moves is a sale that respects the product.

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Sales on Mimelis are dynamic

A purchase is made physically in your store: an unexpected event? more leftovers than expected at the end of the day? Do you want to end the day early because of an unforeseen event? With a simple click on your phone, you can update your quantities, add or remove a product from the sale. Your Mimeshop instantly reflects your changes and your customers are immediately informed.

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What is the difficulty of integrating the Mimeshop on my site?

The Mimeshop integrates without knowledge or particular configuration on your website. Simple to install but extremely effective for you and your customers! Your regular customers can see in real time the products that you have chosen to make visible on Mimelis.

A dual clientele

The Mimeshop is finally the final touch, your products are both visible in real time on your own site but also at the same time for the entire Mimelis community. It is therefore an opportunity to reach both customers who know you and come to your website, but also customers who have never heard of you and who are looking for your products.


The Mimeshop is completely free and is offered to all sellers on Mimelis who already have a website. You can learn more about its use here

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