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Sell up to 5'000 CHF of products for free
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Develop a new source of income serenely

The Swiss Mimelis platform offers you the flexibility, visibility and all the tools you need to effectively succeed in direct selling. Join us today.

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Why choose Mimelis?

Direct selling, your way

Offer your products to customers, your way. Choose the pickup experience you want to give to your customers: our tools and our offer are adapted to your business.

Respond to customer demand

Your customers are increasingly busy and want to organize their purchases throughout the day. Take advantage of this new demand and offer them the possibility of obtaining their products at the last minute, without disrupting your organization thanks to our reservation system.

A quick start

Offer your customers a unique shopping experience without delay. No need for special arrangements, to rent an ATM or to contract different contracts to access a new means of payment.

Tell your customers what products are available

Allow your customers to know and reserve your products even before they come to you.

Offer an unprecedented purchase and pickup experience

Stand out by offering offers specially designed for collection at home: Heavy or bulky products, foodstuffs sensitive to heat or creations that are too fragile to send?

Connect with your customers with unique and ephemeral offers

Our real-time reservation system allows you to offer your customers, whenever you want, short-term offers or products in limited quantities

Increase your visibility around and beyond

Our platform automatically allows you to benefit from marketing to people who are close to you and who are likely to be interested in your products. We then guide customers to your pick-up point.

Touch and get in touch with passing customers

Our fast reservation and collection system even allows you to make sales with customers who may simply be passing by, such as vacationers, for example.

How does Mimelis help you earn extra income?

Maximize direct sales
Significantly increase the share of your sales made through direct sales by offering your customers a unique shopping experience.
Maintain control over your sales
Keep control over the sales process, the platform helps you from the moment you distribute offers to your customers until the collection of orders from your home, while managing payments and invoicing.
Preserve maximum margins on your products
By avoiding intermediaries as much as possible, you keep your margins on the products you can sell from home.
Effectively manage direct sales to limit your costs
Our direct-to-consumer reservation and pick-up system saves you a lot of time and effort. You save time on transporting products to a retail store, preparing products for delivery or preparing and managing displays for your customers.
Easily monetize your unsold items
Products stored and made available to customers in direct sales outlets deteriorate rapidly. Offer exclusive offers to your customers so you don't lose anything.

Why can you start fast?

Start for free and without upfront costs
Benefit and appear on the platform for free, no credit card required. You have no costs to advance, the invoicing will be made directly on the reservations made by your customers.
It is not necessary to have a store
Thanks to our reservation system, make direct sales without necessarily having a place of sale and special arrangements. All you have to do is deliver the reserved products to your customers from your company.
You will only need very limited logistics
Once you assign a stock to sell and choose a pick-up time slot that suits you, all you have to do is hand over the order when the time comes; the rest is automatic. You will receive the balance of your sales each month in your bank account.
You control and can modify your offers and availability at any time
From the seller application, and whenever you want, you can add and modify the products you want to make available or choose when it is possible to pick up a reservation.

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