Direct sales by appointment, how does it work on Mimelis?

Direct sales by appointment, how does it work on Mimelis?
Selling by appointment, as a small producer, is essential to you, but getting in touch with your customers is sometimes tedious and lacks dynamism? Here it is quite the opposite, we make the management of this type of sale practical and efficient for you!

Everyone has their own reasons for doing direct selling by appointment

Need to organize yourself to be available at the store and deliver the products to your customers?

Do you want to know the products that interest your customer in order to tell him if they are available?

Need direct contact with your customers?


Products offered at the pace of your activity

You choose the products or assortments that seem appropriate to you for collection directly from your home. You establish the quantity you want to sell through Mimelis.


Withdrawal slots at your convenience

You choose the days of the week that suit you the most to deliver the products directly to the customers who will order from you. For example, you can choose to sell only on Wednesday afternoons between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.


What if I had to adjust my offers in the event of unforeseen events?

Once you have established your regular withdrawal slots, you can always open or close certain withdrawal slots as you see fit.

For available stocks, it's the same thing: at any time you can revise up or down the stocks of available products, or even stop the sale when you have no more stock.


How does it work on the Mimelis side?

The Mimelis platform reacts in real time and automatically to your product changes and withdrawal windows. Customers can view the products you want to sell live at any time, and book them instantly.

You are informed of sales in each of your time slots and you can anticipate the preparation of orders. Customers come directly to you to pick up the products.

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