Offer to start, sell and discover your products for free

Offer to start, sell and discover your products for free
Take advantage of our offer! We help you get started on Mimelis and discover our unique reservation solution for your direct sales point.

Sell and promote your products up to 5,000 CHF for free !

Offer limited to the first 5 registered points of sale.


Are you a producer, artisan or creator? Get started easily and for free with us and our offer for the month of June!

Not yet familiar with direct selling on Mimelis? You can learn more about the different sections for sellers or at the following link: getting started with Mimelis


Démarrer avec votre point de vente


How to participate ?


Entry validity

The point of sale must have been configured in seller mode: during the configuration of the point of sale, choose the option “Sell and promote my products”

The point of sale must be approved and respect the Mimelis charter

Be in the first 5 points of sale approved by Mimelis

Participation must be finalized before Friday, June 30, 2023

Companies already registered cannot participate


Terms of the offer

1 point of sale per company maximum

Validity of the offer: from account activation until June 30, 2023

Valid for a maximum of 100 registered reservations, and, if the sum of the registered reservations does not exceed 5,000 CHF including tax.

Non-binding: when the offer is no longer valid, the usual Mimelis transaction fees apply to reservations


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