Thousands of people in Switzerland are eager to discover the products you sell

Mimelis offers you to get closer to your customers by redefining direct selling. Spontaneous sale or pre-order, the choice is yours!

How it works ?

An innovative sales channel

No need for an intermediary between you and your customers. The customer orders online and picks up the product from you. You only pay transaction fees and commissions in the event of a sale.

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Make your products visible in direct sales

The products you want to make available are instantly visible to customers around you.

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A new dimension of sales without intermediaries

Go beyond direct selling with the tools and services we offer. Simplify your management and focus on your core business.

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The ease of selling directly with Mimelis
Open and close your withdrawal slots.
Add and edit your offers and available product stock in seconds.
Your customers can reserve your products instantly and according to the rhythm of your activity!

The product, from the hands of the producer to the hands of the customers

A sale on Mimelis, how does it work?

It is through its simplicity for the producer and the customer that direct sales on Mimelis take on a whole new dimension. The platform takes care of all the complexity of the sale: product visibility, order taking, payment management and invoicing.

The producer
The producer opens a Mimelis seller account.
He chooses the location and time slots where orders can be picked up by his customers.
He adds his offers, his products and the stocks he wants to sell on Mimelis.
It's good, the producer is ready to receive his first orders!
Customers have instant access to the products and inventory that the producer has chosen to put online.
They make their selection of products, validate and pay their orders directly online.
It's over, customers simply pick up their orders from the producer at the indicated slot.

Discover the benefits of selling on Mimelis

Targeted and flexible sales slots
Concentrate your sales on time slots determined in advance. You will need fewer staff. React to the unexpected with peace of mind.
A more effective sale, adapted to small structures
You can choose dedicated times during the day or week for the preparation of your products, harvesting, preparing orders or delivering orders to the customer.
Free yourself from the constraints of delivery
Don't worry about postage anymore. Simply prepare orders for pick-up at your location.
An automated sales channel to save you time
Once you have assigned a stock to sell on Mimelis for your products and the withdrawal time slot, everything becomes automatic.
Direct contact with your customers
The customer will pick up their order from you. You will have the opportunity to exchange with your customer on your products.
Show yourself as a committed trader
Being part of the network of Mimelis producers and artisans also means being committed to fairer consumption through direct sales.

Prioritize direct sales

Affirm yourself as a player in local and local commerce in Switzerland. Create or develop your direct sales channel serenely with Mimelis.

and keep your margins

With the help of our platform, keep your margins on your products by doing without resellers.

Simple, transparent, secure

The product only passes through your hands and those of your customers. Intermediaries such as resellers or delivery people are no longer necessary.

Open your account for free, without obligation
The opening of your account is very fast and does not require any credit card. You will then be able to put your first products on sale.
No listing fees
You can create and manage your product sheets at no additional cost.
Transaction fees only in case of sale
When a customer places an order with you, we apply a transaction fee of 15% + 0.50 CHF. Do you have a unique business model with a large order volume or high amount per transaction? Contact us, we will study a personalized solution for your company.
Payments are processed on our platform as well as on our payment provider Stripe in a secure and SSL encrypted manner. Our security specialists and our platform protect you and your customers 24/7.

Open the door to your farm!

Mimelis is a Swiss platform where producers and artisans can sell their products directly to consumers.

What can you sell on Mimelis?

Picking and farm products

Craft production


Choose the pick-up location that suits you

Farm, workshop, store and grocery store

In the field, self-service

Unusual places

Discover amazing experiences

Showcase your valuable expertise!

In addition to my fishing activity, I chose to use Mimelis to sell my finest fishing catches directly. It's pretty fantastic, with a simple photo I can upload a few fish on the way back to port.
We have a small fruit and berry farm in Valais. We make 100% artisanal jams according to our harvests and especially according to our time. The timing of harvesting ripe fruit is more and more capricious. Mimelis allows us to show our customers our available quantities in real time, at any time.
Jam maker
We have a farm in Friborg and sell all kinds of products from our farm to our customers. Mimelis allows us to facilitate the management of orders for some of these products. It is a real time saver not to juggle between email, phone or with staff on site; this is a big simplification for us. We now manage and sell our stock of heating logs in this way.
I make organic chocolates entirely by artisanal process. I take care of the manufacture of the products alone and delegate their marketing to resellers. I am not lacking in desire, but my production is too small to open and finance my own store. I already make some sales directly in my production space but only by making an appointment. Mimelis now allows me to sell my production online and to my customers to collect their orders on site, during well-defined time slots.
Chocolate maker
I have been a coffee roaster for 2 years. Periodically, I roast very small quantities of rarer coffees which I then sell in the store. Thanks to Mimelis, I can reach a new, more specialized clientele while managing to manage micro stocks.
We run a traditional bakery in Geneva and offer artisan breads made from natural leaven. We only sell on subscription to allow us to anticipate our daily bread production. Mimelis has enabled us to become more agile with regard to our subscriptions and to offer bread for pre-order. We can thus certain days of the week make an additional production of breads according to the orders collected on the platform.

Find help when you need it

Mimelis is the assurance of surrounding yourself with a support that understands your business and meets your craziest needs.

Tailor-made advice and tips

Each profession and each craft has its own specificities. We will gladly share with you tips and tricks to improve your sales.

Help at all times

Mimelis is available to answer any questions you may have. Whether you have questions about how Mimelis works, how to get started with Mimelis, or about managing your products or orders, we are here to assist and guide you.

Mimelis open to the future

We believe that our platform allows you to understand a new way of selling and sharing your products with your customers. It is always with pleasure that we will try to find solutions to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about selling on Mimelis.

Is it necessary to manually validate the orders?

Orders made by your customers are automatically validated according to the stocks you have allocated on Mimelis.

Is it possible to modify my stock during the day?

You can change your stock at any time. You can thus adapt to the sales that would take place on the spot. On the other hand, it is mandatory to be able to honor the orders that your customers have already validated.

Can I have several time slots in the same day for the withdrawal of orders?

You can schedule up to 2 different time slots per day. So you can accept order pick-up from 11 a.m. to noon and 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week, and schedule order pick-ups only in the morning for Friday.

How to process customer orders?

You receive a notification when an order is made. The order must then be ready for collection by the customer at the chosen time slot.

Is it possible to sell products in several locations, what are the constraints?

It is possible to manage several collection points of different types for your operation. For example, you can add offers where the products are to be collected directly from the market, while having other offers which are to be collected in your store.

How do you put a product offer online?

We make every effort to ensure that the creation of your offer or its modification is very fast. A picture of your product, a description, your price, and the quantity you want to sell is pretty much all you need!

Can I create and manage my offers with my mobile?

From a mobile it is possible! Our application is even entirely designed and optimized for mobile use. The objective is to allow the addition and management of your offers even when you are not at your workplace.

How can I track my account billing and balance?

You can check your Mimelis account balance at any time. This is automatically credited as soon as an order is validated. At the end of each month, the amount is credited directly to your bank account. A billing statement is published monthly. In addition, you can view the invoices for each of your orders.

Am I free to set my prices?

Yes perfectly, you are free to manage your offers entirely. We simply ask sellers not to offer products at a price higher than it could be offered for sale in stores. It is indeed a pledge of confidence for the customer. It is also possible to offer offers exclusively available on Mimelis.

What products can I sell on Mimelis?

You can sell all of your products from your farm or your craft.

What do I need to do to get started and sell my first products?

Getting started on Mimelis is very fast and does not require any credit card. You just need to create a seller account. After creating your seller account, we will validate your information and you can start selling your first products.

How do fees and commissions work on Mimelis?

Charges are applied only if an order is validated. They are broken down into transaction fees and payment processing fees. Our platform fully manages the payments so you don't need to worry about it anymore. You can find out more in the fees section.

How do I grow my clientele?

As soon as you register on Mimelis, you have instant access to potential customers in your region. You make yourself known and allow your customers to reserve your products directly. You take care of your offers, we take care of the rest. We find you customers interested in your products, who live near you or who are just passing through. To more easily conclude sales with your customers who are simply passing through your website, we provide you with the Mimeshop free of charge to allow them instant booking.

How to manage collection points with different opening hours?

You can add specific withdrawal time slots for each of your withdrawal points. You can thus offer withdrawals of orders at the market between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. while offering other products in your store every evening.

Where can I find my sales history?

From your seller application, you have access to the detailed history of your sales. You thus have access to all the information necessary to keep your accounts up to date, for example.

How many offers can I add?

There is no supply limit. Add as many product offers as you want for free.

How do I manage my offers and my activity?

You have simple and powerful tools. You can run your business from anywhere with our app designed specifically for sellers. Manage your orders, modify your product offers wherever you are and refine the image of your activity as you see fit.

Do you have other questions or want more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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