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The mobile application for producers and artisans

The mobile application for producers and artisans
Use our mobile application for producers and artisans now. Take advantage of new features. Available on Google Play for Android and on the App Store for iOS.

Our mobile app for producers is now available! Take advantage of new features to manage your local and artisanal products.

You can now use the mobile application on iOS or Android with your smartphone or tablet. If you already have a Mimelis seller account, you can simply download, install the application, and log in with your usual credentials.

Are you a producer or artisan and you don't yet have an account to sell on Mimelis? Go to Start now with Mimelis. You can also create your account directly from the application.

Find out how Mimelis can help you get closer to your customers and establish a new direct sales channel. Learn more about selling with Mimelis .

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