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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of Mimelis and how it works.

  • Is registration for Mimelis free?
    Listing it on Mimelis is entirely. You will be able to save the producers or craftsmen you prefer as your favorites and find them more easily. Registration also allows you to reserve your products at the producer and track your reservations.
  • How do I search for products for direct sale around me?
    You can from the search bar enter the name of a city or a canton. You will see the products for direct sale in the selected city. You can also simply view direct selling outlets around you using your current location from the search bar. You then have several filters available to search for particular products.
  • Do I have to come with my own packaging or containers?
    When you make the reservation, you can tell the producer that you will come with your own containers. Thus the producer will simply prepare your order and you will be able to use your containers by recovering it.
  • Can I personalize my order or provide specific instructions?
    For each order, you can add particular indications that the producer will be able to read. Although the producer cannot guarantee to respect them all, rest assured that he will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with your order!
  • Can I keep my favorite producers and thus establish my address book?
    Whether it's your favorite producers or the products you prefer, you can add them to your favorites so that you can find them more easily later. You will have as fast access to the offers as your favorite producer will make. You can also, if you wish, be informed about new products and their availability, sold directly by these producers.
  • What are the quantities available on each product offer?
    These quantities correspond to the number of product offers that can still be reserved on Mimelis. These quantities are directly those that the producer has chosen to make available for reservation on Mimelis.
  • How can I contribute to setting up the product reservation at a producer that I particularly like?
    When this producer or craftsman already exists on our platform, you can tell us directly on his page that you would be interested in reserving these products. If you can't find it, or if you want to provide other information, you can simply contact us from the contact page.
  • How do I check what time I need to pick up my order?
    As soon as you make a reservation you will receive a confirmation email. In addition, from your customer account, you have access to all your reservations. You will be able to check the time when you have to go to your producer or craftsman.
  • How can I be sure to get my products at the best price?
    The producer is free to set his prices. However, product offers cannot be higher than what you might find at a seller's outlet. In addition, the producer or the craftsman can at any time carry out actions or any promotional offer.
  • Are there any fees when I book?
    There are no booking fees. You simply pay the price of the producer's or artisan's product offer as if you were at the producer's.
  • What happens when I make a reservation?
    You make reservations on product offers that the producer or craftsman makes available to you directly. Reservations are firm. During the reservation, you pay and choose directly the time slot that suits you best to pick up your order. You instantly receive a confirmation. As soon as the reservation is made, the producer is informed: he reserves the products for you and anticipates the preparation of your order so that it is ready when you come to pick it up. for example, if you have reserved a basket of vegetables containing a salad, the producer can go and cut your salad in the field.
  • Why buying with Mimelis helps the producer?
    When you place your order on Mimelis, you buy directly from your producer or your craftsman. It is he himself who adds his product offerings by guaranteeing you the best price. When you reserve your products on Mimelis, the producer or craftsman gets better value from his products because he is not obliged to sell them to a reseller, an operation which reduces his margin. You also allow him to anticipate your arrival at the store and to have your order ready when you come to him.
  • Why will I access the best product quality?
    By reserving on Mimelis, you give the agreement to the producer that you will buy these products from him. From then on, he can prepare your order and he knows when you will pick it up. For example, he can give you ripe fruits and vegetables. Indeed, frequently because of the transport of their products, because of the lack of visibility for their sales or because the products will be sold only later at resellers, the quality is reduced. In addition, some products simply cannot be offered to you because it would not be possible to send them to your home. On Mimelis, because you come to look for your products, you have access to product offers of a new dimension.

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