The innovative solution to sell your fruit and vegetable baskets directly!

The innovative solution to sell your fruit and vegetable baskets directly!
Discover an innovative solution for fruit and vegetable producers who want to sell their baskets directly to consumers. With a user-friendly interface, create and offer your baskets of fresh products according to the availability of your crops. Reach a large community of potential customers and simplify your sales process. Try Mimelis now to provide a direct and personalized shopping experience.

Are you a fruit and vegetable producer, owner of a small farm or a farming operation? Look no further, Mimelis is here to help you market your fresh produce simply and efficiently.

Thanks to Mimelis, you have a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform to add your offers as your harvests become available. No more hassle with unsold inventory or expired products. Your offers adapt to the production rate of your vegetable garden, allowing you to offer fresh, quality products to your customers.

The Mimelis application also offers great flexibility by allowing you to set time slots for order delivery. You choose the times that suit you best to welcome your customers and give them their fruit and vegetable baskets.

But that's not all ! With Mimelis, you benefit from increased visibility for your products. Your customers can view your offers based on their availability, making it easy for them to plan their purchases.

And good news, the use of the Mimelis application is completely free, with no obligation to sell. You can thus present your products to your entourage and to your potential customers, in complete transparency. Only a commission will be charged in the event of a sale, ensuring you fair and equitable compensation.

Mimelis relieves you of administrative hassles by automatically paying you the balance of your account each month, directly into your bank account. So you can concentrate on the essentials: satisfying your customers and offering them fresh and tasty products.

By choosing Mimelis, you also benefit from greater visibility. Your offers will be visible to the Mimelis community, as well as to potential new customers living near your farm.

So don't waste any more time and join the Mimelis community now. Add your first vegetable basket offer and offer your customers a direct and personalized shopping experience.

Mimelis, the solution that simplifies the sale of your fresh products!

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