Remuneration of producers and craftsmen at Mimelis

Remuneration of producers and craftsmen at Mimelis
Find out how the remuneration of producers and artisans works, how prices are set and how the price paid for an order is distributed.

How are prices set at Mimelis?

It all starts with the producer or the craftsman who sets his price. At each sale, 85% of the price of the price that is paid goes directly to the Producer (excluding fixed payment costs), approximately 11% is used to remunerate Mimelis, approximately 4% + 0.50 CHF are devoted to payment processing and technical costs.

Producer remuneration at Mimelis

On an order of 100 CHF

84.50 CHF go directly to the Producer or the Artisan

Around CHF 11 pays Mimelis

Around CHF 4.50 for payment processing

To simplify understanding, prices are expressed exclusive of tax. Standard VAT is applied to Mimelis remuneration and payment processing fees.

Some information has been translated. Click the link to view the original version.

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