What if you value your unsold items?

What if you value your unsold items?

Do you still have fabulous products that you want to sell quickly? But the expiry date (DLC) or date of minimum durability (DDM) is approaching? Are your fruits and vegetables starting to soften? No product deserves to be thrown away and even less the fruit of your craftsmanship. Save your unsold items!

For the producers, once the products have been harvested, it's a real race against time that starts in order to deliver them fresh to their customers.


An easily applicable solution for artisans and producers

The Mimelis platform, through its efficiency and its ability to

to make your products available to consumers in real time, is the ideal ally in the fight against waste. Unsold? Maybe, but high quality unsold! Mimelis is the platform for producers and artisans that promotes all your products!


Step 1 - Identification of unsold items

Once you have enough visibility to identify products that may not be sold in time, you can offer them on Mimelis in the blink of an eye. You can offer them individually or as an assortment of products, the choice is yours!


Step 2 - Dissemination to your customers and the Mimelis community

Once your unsold items have been added to our platform, they become visible to the entire Mimelis community. Everyone can book them.

And if you have added a Mimeshop to your site, all of your customers who come to your site are also immediately informed.


Step 3 - The withdrawal of the products, at home!

Your customers come to pick up your products, at the time you have defined.

You simply hand them their order; you don't have to worry about managing the different means of payment because the payment will already have been made online.

We transfer the money directly to your bank account.

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