Your product offers and stocks available in real time on your website!
Share your product offers at any time
When it suits you, add and modify your offers on your application. Your customers can then consult your product offers directly on your site!
An immediate reservation
Once your ad is active, it appears directly on your site. Your customers can then book your products directly online.
Manage your offers in a simple way
Your stocks and offers are updated in real time on your site and on Mimelis. Product reservations from your customers update your inventory automatically.
The direct sale of your products boosted
Your product offers can be viewed on your website by customers who already know you, but also on the Mimelis site by customers who like and are looking for products like yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about using the Mimeshop on your website and how it works.

  • Who is the Mimeshop for?
    The Mimeshop is aimed at producers and artisans with a website. It makes it possible to make product offers for direct sale visible directly on your website but also on the Mimelis site.
  • How are my offers distributed?
    The Mimeshop broadcasts in real time the offers that you have added from your seller application. Your customers can thus find information on the availability of products and their prices, for example. They also find your opening time slots that you have configured on Mimelis. When you modify a product on the seller application, it will be automatically updated on your site in the Mimeshop.
  • Is this a paid service?
    No, adding and using Mimeshop on your personal site is completely free.
  • How can my customers buy my products?
    Your customers view the list of products you sell and can click through to purchase them. When a customer places an order with you, we charge a commission on the amount paid by the customer. This commission includes remuneration for our service as well as payment processing fees. You then receive your balance directly into your bank account.

Do you have other questions or want more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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