Self-service: a practical and up-to-date approach where innovation is always possible

Self-service: a practical and up-to-date approach where innovation is always possible
What if we gave our customers our trust through self-service sales? This approach makes it possible to make products available without requiring the constant presence of the producer. More and more complete solutions are emerging to help producers, reduce costs and retain customers through online booking, help restock the point of sale at the right time or simply find new customers!

What if we placed our trust in our customers? This is precisely the philosophy of self-service, which allows customers to choose and pay for their products themselves at the producer. Whether through vending machines, pick-your-own points or simple premises, self-service sales offer the possibility of making products available at any time of the day, without requiring the constant presence of the producer, who can thus concentrating on his work without being disturbed. Of course, it is essential to carry out regular checks of the point of sale and the products. It is essential to provide clear instructions to consumers, such as the display of prices, the identification of products and the presence of a piggy bank available.

To guarantee the success of a self-service, it is also important to choose a location close to a place of passage, whether for motorists or hikers. Some product categories lend themselves particularly well to implementing such systems, including fruits, vegetables, jams, juices, eggs, cookies and other baked goods. By adopting self-service sales, producers offer their customers an experience of trust and freedom, while optimizing their business.

Some producers and farmers sometimes use autonomous payment terminals, payment applications allowing customers to be cashed using QR codes, or set up expensive automatic machines, but this type of tool only solves certain constraints. that the producer can face with his self-service point of sale. Currently, other much more complete alternatives are possible beyond the simple payment of the customer. New logistics and payment solutions are emerging to modernize self-service sales while retaining the very essence of direct sales.

The direct sales solution offered by Mimelis allows producers and craftsmen to respond to the current problems they may face in their self-service point. In particular, it allows producers to reduce their installation and operating costs, to retain their customers by offering to reserve their products online, or to come and restock their self-services at the right time. So why not try this innovative approach now? You can find more information on the page "modernize my self-service in Switzerland with Mimelis".

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