Create now ephemeral points of sale

Create now ephemeral points of sale
With Mimelis Pop-Up, now manage reservations and product withdrawals during your events and demonstrations! Organize and start your flash sale very easily!


In a move to support local producers, creators and craftsmen, Mimelis now offers its unique booking platform to help you manage ephemeral sales.


Mimelis Pop-Up allows you to organize from start to finish flash or one-off sales during your events or demonstrations. You can very easily offer baskets of fresh products, artisanal products or even creations to your participants for reservation.


To start your first event, it's easy and above all very fast:

  • 1- Create your point of sale and choose the pick-up location for the products you will offer to participants.
  • 2- Choose the dates and time slots for the withdrawal of orders
  • 3- Add the products you want to offer to participants


It's over! Your Mimelis Pop-Up store is ready to receive orders. All you have to do is put the orders back on the time slots you have chosen. You will automatically receive the money corresponding to the sales of the products in your bank account. You can learn more about how a sale works here .


Mimelis Pop Up accompanies you and allows you to use its application to help you manage orders and withdrawals during your event. You can find all the information you need to start your pop-up store with peace of mind here .


If you have a website you can even distribute your offers automatically using the Mimeshop .

Some information has been translated. Click on the link to view the original version .

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