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Homemade pesto with radish tops and hazelnuts

Did you get a superb bunch of radishes from your producer and don't know what to do with your tops? Discover here an original pesto recipe without parmesan and without basil! Here it is roasted hazelnuts and radish tops that are highlighted.
Homemade pesto with radish tops and hazelnuts | Mimelis
Preparation time
30 minutes

When we hear "pesto" we often think of basil. In fact, pesto can be made with almost any green leaves or tops. The main thing is to use fresh and quality raw materials. Let your imagination run wild and use the products you already have on hand.

In order to avoid throwing away your vegetable leaves, there are several simple recipes such as a leaf soup. Here is a very useful anti-waste recipe for the aperitif to use your radish tops. You can also use turnip tops without any problem. This pesto recipe is without parmesan and without basil. Here it is the roasted hazelnuts and radish tops that are used.

By making this recipe and using your vegetable tops you will simply be helping to fight food waste at home!


Hazelnut roasting
Put the whole hazelnuts in a pan and roast them over medium heat for about 5 minutes. They should brown slightly.
Meanwhile, peel the garlic cloves then grind it in the mortar. Reserve the preparation in a bowl for example.
Preparation of salt and pepper
When the hazelnuts are ready, remove them from the pan and rub them together to remove the skin, it comes off pretty well after being dried. It's hard to remove everything, if there's any left, it doesn't matter at all!
Grind the hazelnuts in the mortar with salt and pepper.
Thoroughly wash and wring the radish tops so that there are no more grains of sand or small pebbles.
Blend the radish tops in several batches. Add a little olive oil to make the blender run better.
Add the hazelnuts, salt, pepper and mix until you have a light green paste that no longer contains too much fibre. There will inevitably be a little left because the tops are more stringy than basil!
Pour into jars and cover the surface with oil on 1/2 cm to improve conservation. We then recommend that you wait a few days before tasting your pesto so that the garlic has had time to soften.
6 personnes


Bunch of fresh radishes:
only the tops
50 g
5 cuillères à soupe
Clove garlic:
1 cuillère à café
0.5 cuillère à café
Some information has been translated. Click on the link to view the original version .

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