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Direct sales, a fairer price and a higher quality requirement

Direct sales, a fairer price and a higher quality requirement
The direct sale of its products allows the producer or the craftsman to regulate their prices themselves. This is not without constraints, it must indeed be able to justify higher prices than larger distributors.

A fair price

In direct sales, artisans and producers analyze their production costs and are able to offer customers the fairest price possible. The producer can thus enhance his product as closely as possible. In order to compete with larger distributors, it is essential for smaller producers to distinguish themselves through the use of relevant raw materials and manufacturing processes, in order to highlight the quality of their products.

The more the product is processed, the higher the manufacturing costs will be and therefore the more the producer will have to justify its high price.

Direct sale of courgettes on the farm in the Valais

Higher product quality

Direct sale of pickles from the artisan with Mimelis

Fortunately for the producer, it is often in the field that everything begins... By cultivating in such a way as to highlight his product and not by privileging the yield, the taste of the products is immediately felt.

Direct selling also makes it possible to bring its products to real maturity and to sell them to its customers at the top of their quality and their freshness!

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