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The basket at the market gardener, how does it work?

The basket at the market gardener, how does it work?

Move at the right time

What could be more frustrating than going to your favorite market gardener without knowing what you will find there? Mimelis allows consumers to plan their visit to the store for direct sales.

Consume in season

Seasonal fruits and vegetables, yes, but you still need to know exactly when they will be available from the market gardener or at the farm. What's more, the seasons are changing and the harvest dates are becoming more and more capricious.

On Mimelis, the producer can put his product offers in real time. They are then visible to all nearby consumers, instantly!

The products that make us happy

The producer can update his product offerings as he wishes according to what he wishes to sell directly. He can choose to detail and sell his products individually, but not only. Well-known “vegetable baskets” have their place. Indeed, they also allow the producer a more precise planning. For example, he can offer you an assortment of seasonal vegetables from his latest harvest.

Even before arriving on site, you can select and reserve the products that suit you best and organize yourself accordingly.

Reserve your basket for a specific withdrawal slot

It's annoying to come on site and not find anything you like! Yes, it is common to arrive on site to buy its products, and there, nothing is available. It is with great frustration that you will say to yourself that “these vegetables were still available this morning at 10 am”. Mimelis overcomes this organizational concern and allows consumers to plan their product pick-up at a very specific time slot.

Winner, winner: the producer offers the most interesting time slots for him and the consumer can, in full knowledge, choose the one that suits him.


Direct selling at the best price

On Mimelis, it is the producer who chooses. From the design of its product offer to the price, it is free. However, he must respect a golden rule in order to assure his customers that they will find the products he offers at the best price: the producer cannot set a price higher than the prices he already sets on the spot. On the other hand, it is quite possible to make offers at a more advantageous price.

The consumer thus has the certainty of buying his products directly and at the best price!

direct sale of artichokes and carrots

Online payment for a serene withdrawal

Online payment allows the producer to ensure the correct reservation of your products and to block them for you. It's also a lot of time saved for the producer on site, who no longer has to juggle several means of payment. In short, it is a very big support for him.

On site, if you have time, you can discuss and discuss with your producer. If you're in a little more of a hurry, all you have to do is pick up your order at the agreed time slot.

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