Coffola Grand Cru Colombia


Avenue Auguste-François-Dubois 37
Meyrin, Geneva
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    This full-bodied Grand Cru of exceptional complexity, with a hint of acidity and a floral and spicy touch, is one of the signatures of great Arabicas. A subtle bouquet of notes of vanilla, pepper, bergamot and honey is expressed in these 85gr. Each tablet is made up of a multitude of small peaks that recall not only the mountainous landscapes where the great arabica wines grow, but also the Swiss Alps, the land of origin of the coffola.
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La Coffolaterie
DO YOU KNOW COFFOLA? A NEW INGREDIENT WITHOUT CHOCOLATE OR COCOA WHICH IS AVAILABLE IN A TABLET, SPREAD, GRAIN AND A THOUSAND OTHER DELICACIES TO FINALLY DISCOVER THE TRUE COFFEE FLAVOR! A 100% Arabica flavor, of great subtlety, aromatic power from great terroirs and a unique crunch. By replacing the cocoa bean with the coffee bean, the coffola opens up new possibilities and allows everyone to reinvent the codes of coffee pastry. The original coffola recipe plays on the notes of each flavor and combines carefully selected natural ingredients: organic and pure Arabica coffee beans, roasted in Switzerland, Swiss sugar, Swiss milk powder and cocoa butter from sustainable production. and ethics. Born from artisanal know-how, the coffola invites new taste emotions.