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Halterhus 1, 6017 Ruswil, Lucerne
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    This delicacy should not be missing on any afternoon snack. The spicy dry sausage is suitable for raw eating. The dry sausages can also be kept for a long time without refrigeration and are therefore ideal as an energy source for hikes. No unnecessary additives are used in the production process. Only organic, natural ingredients are used. For example, there is no nitrite curing salt in the sausage but sea salt and beetroot powder. Ingredients: Pork* 55%; Beef* 30%;; bacon 15%; Sea salt, beetroot powder* * From organic farming Content: 150 - 160g
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How do you create organic food production with the highest quality? The basis for this is the natural fertility of the soil. For many years I have been dealing intensively with the question of how humus can be built up. As a co-founder of EDAPRO GmbH, I am at the interface between research and practice in the use of compost tea for plant strengthening and soil revitalization. Food grown in soil rich in humus tastes better and is healthier because it contains more trace elements. Biodiversity is important to me. Whether hedges, flower meadows or standard trees, a lot will be planted and sown in the next few years to promote biodiversity. Food production and environmental protection go hand in hand at Halterhus.