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Chapons-des-Prés 13
Bevaix, Neuchâtel
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    Witbier is a sweet and refreshing Belgian white with citrus flavors and spicy notes. The 33cl beer.
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Brasserie du Tonneau Joyeux
Neuchâtel craft brewery. October 2018 – Creation The Tonneau Joyeux brewery was born in October 2018 when two friends decided to make beer together. They are then very quickly joined by a third "moss-que-terre". January 2019 – Moving The “mousse-que-terre” team tries to move regularly, they decide to move into a more suitable location. January 2020 – New “mousse-que-terre” A fourth “mousse-que-terre” joins the band. June 2020 – The brewery is investing The brewery is investing in new production and thermo-regulated fermentation tanks to increase the quantity but above all the quality of the products.