Pinot Noir Grand Cru, Villeneuve, AOC Chablais, Christophe Bertholet 70cl

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Rue des Fortifications 29
Villeneuve, Vaud
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Domaine Christophe Bertholet
WINES SOLD DIRECTLY FROM THE PRODUCER Located in Villeneuve, a vineyard that is part of Chablais Vaudois, Domaine Bertholet is a family business operated by Christophe Bertholet, an independent winemaker, who offers you wines vinified by him with the grapes from his production: You are welcome for a visit to our cellar or to our vineyards Cave Bertholet has been a family operation of winegrowers for several generations. There we cellar the products of the La Muraz vines, located mid-slope above Villeneuve. 60% of production is devoted to Chasselas (including Calinou and Chasselas aged in Acacia Barrels) and 40% to Pinot Noir - from which we obtain "Pinot Noir aged in Oak Barrels" and "Rosé" - as well as only a small production of Sauvignon Blanc and Gamay. We work in integrated production (in an ecological manner) on a little over 3 hectares of vines in traditional cultivation, goblet and guyot, and produce between 35,000 and 40,000 bottles per year. Our wines are guaranteed without any blending or chips. All the wines we sell are in the Chablais controlled designation of origin. We are members of the Vaud section of the Swiss Association of Winegrowers, which means that we grow our own grapes, mature our wines and market them.