Hydromel miel de châtaignier

Fabrication 1ans et 3 mois

La Cité 104, 2325 Les Planchettes, Neuchâtel
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    L’hydromel 2022 miel de châtaignier est un hydromel doux 0.5cL avec une teneur en alcool de 14°
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Nectar d'or
After spending a few years looking for the perfect recipe for sweet mead and after one or two inconclusive tries, I am now satisfied! It should be noted that this adventure began in 2016 and culminated in the commercialization of mead in 2019. I had the opportunity to read books on winemaking and brewing. However, you can read as much as you want, but it is only by practicing that you become a real mead maker! Indeed, it's rare to find books on mead, and history doesn't provide much help with making it either. Why mead? A passion for the past of human beings and their way of life pushed me on this path. Mead is one of the symbols of our ancient civilizations before being dethroned by wine and beer. This is explained by the cost, abundance and time to harvest this raw material. I enjoy working with the products of nature that bees provide to us. Choose the best honeys for a unique, authentic and refined mead.