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    SKIP THE HYPE, SIP THE REAL: NATURALLY LOW CALORIE, NATURALLY DELICIOUS. BEYOND JUICES & POWDERS: AUTHENTIC INGREDIENTS, AUTHENTIC TASTE. Enjoy both flavors by ordering a mixed box, half Jamu Original, half Jamu Bliss! Available in boxes of 6x, 12x, or 24x bottles. WHAT ELSE? Can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. Once opened, consume within 7 days, and keep refrigerated. You may find some residue in your Jamu. That’s totally normal and safe to drink. Since Jamu is not a juice (which typically uses extractors that remove all the fibers and only keep the juicy liquids), some residue of the natural ingredients still remains in the finished drink. This is basically teeny, tiny particles of the raw ingredients. Just shake the bottle, and you’re good to drink all that healthy goodness.
    Ingredients: water, turmeric, curcuma, ginger, lemon, coconut sugar, pepper, galangal
    24 Bottles
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Jamu Drinks
It all started with an Indonesian drink: Jamu. And the crazy idea of creating this alternative drink in Switzerland. Our motto? ‘Filling up your lives with more meaningful drinks’. Who said tasty had to be unhealthy. You can find all the flavours you want with the most natural and exotic ingredients! Since 2022, Jamu Drinks has been experimenting with asian ingredients to concoct tasty herbal drinks. Production is handmade in small batches in Zürich, with 100% natural ingredients. Whether you prefer to drink your Jamu in a bottle or capsule, cold or hot, in the morning or during the day, you’ll find something to your taste. Offer yourself new flavours to your palate! We’re bringing you some of the finest Asian inspired drinks.