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    Product Description: Discover the green power of Chlorella with our Organic powder. Cultivated in optimal conditions, this micro-algae is full of essential nutrients for optimal health. Why Choose our Powder Chlorella: Organic Culture: Harvested with care, without pesticides or GMOs. Nutritional Richness: Concentrated source of protein, chlorophyll and nutrients. Gentle Drying Process: Maximum preservation of benefits. Key Benefits: Natural Detoxification: Eliminates heavy metals and toxins. Immune Support: Strengthens natural defenses. Durable energy : Rich in proteins for sustained vitality. Digestive Support: Promotes intestinal balance. Recommended Use: Detox Smoothies: Integrate with your green drinks for an effective detox. Healthy Recipes: Add to your soups, salads or sauces. Energy Boost: Mix in fruit juices costs. Quality Commitment: CureFood is committed to offering you Chlorella exceptional, produced sustainably to respect the planet and your well-being. Weight: 100 grams INGREDIENTS: 100% Chlorella powder organic STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE: Store in a cool place and dry below 25°C. 2 years from date of manufacture. Chlorella naturally helps the organs and blood to eliminate heavy metals and toxins that can be harmful to health. It detoxifies and cleanses gentleness of the intestinal flora. Our organic Chlorella powder provides naturally valuable micronutrients. The daily dose covers more than 39 % of daily iron requirements. Its minerals support the functioning normal immune system and reduce fatigue - the supplement Perfect food for a healthy lifestyle. Adding chlorella to smoothies, juices, vegetable soups and salad dressings makes them more nutritious and attractive. Adding avocado and bananas to the mixture makes a nice cream vegan that is both delicious and full of nutrients. Recipe: Make Avocado ice cream is incredibly quick with Chlorella powder; mix half an avocado and two small pieces of banana, then put in the freeze overnight (or several hours minimum). The next day, go out the mixture and then add a teaspoon of Chlorella, then mix to again until the ice cream is thick, smooth and homogeneous.
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