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    Product Description: Discover the intensity of flavors and benefits nutritional benefits of Raw Blueberry Powder from CureFood. Cultivated with care, this powder is an explosion of freshness and nutrients that adds a exquisite touch to your daily regimen. Why Choose our Powder Raw Blueberry: High-end Super Food: A concentrate of nutrients in every spoonful. Natural Antioxidants: Fights free radicals for optimal health. Authentic Flavor: The freshness of blueberries, available all year. Key Benefits: Antioxidant Support: Protects cells against oxidative damage. Cardiovascular Health: Promotes a healthy heart good health. Strengthened Vision: Essential Nutrients for Healthy Eyes shape. Recommended Use: Smoothies and Bowls: Integrate into your creations for an explosion of flavors. Yogurts and Desserts: Enhance your desserts with the delicious flavor of blueberry. Cereals and Oatmeal: Add one serving nutritious to your breakfast. Quality Commitment: Blueberry Powder CureFood Crue is produced with premium quality fresh blueberries. Without additives or added sugars, we preserve the authenticity of this superfood. Explore a New Dimension of Freshness with Powder Raw Blueberry from CureFood! Weight: 100 grams INGREDIENTS: 100% powder of raw Blueberry DIRECTIONS: Recommended dosage: 1-2 tbsp. coffee or quantity desired STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE: Store in a cool place and dry below 25°C. 2 years from date of manufacture. The blueberries help reduce weight and increase metabolism Blueberry is praised for its ability to curb hunger due to its inclusion of fiber food in its composition. The plant can be incorporated into other recipes to help people manage their appetite or satiety levels. Of Many antioxidants and essential nutrients are contained in low calories from blueberries. This makes it an ideal addition to any diet. Add 1-2 teaspoons. or the amount needed in a recipe to provide a nutritious and healthy boost. Perfect for smoothies, lattes, kitchen, and for anything your creative mind can imagine! To do colored smoothie glasses, mix 1-2 tbsp. superfood powder, 2 frozen bananas, 1/2 cup of milk of your choice and top it off with fruit of your choice.
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Welcome to our CureFood store, where we advocate naturalness, love and well-being. Do not hesitate to contact us for any requests or questions, we would be happy to answer them! We have a wide range of vegan superfoods made from 100% natural, pure and high quality products. We promise to find and provide unique and useful products for your well-being, because we want to offer good natural products to people, being simple, high quality and everyday, which allow them to have a positive impact for the planet and that they can be accessible to everyone. It all started the day we asked ourselves the question of what present and what future we wanted in this world. What impact we had on this Earth. What is our commitment to the planet? That's why we decided to create CureFood. Our company was born from this awareness. 100% natural wellness products are a priority for us. How to make the change? Starting by changing our habits. CureFood is committed to sourcing 100% pure, natural, high quality ingredients to create a range of products that we and our customers can be proud of.