White fir hydrosol

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    STIMULATION, VITAL ENERGY, ALIGNMENT White fir stimulates without agitating, straightens while preserving flexibility: He’s an outstanding balancing act! It allows you to create space and opening in the area of ​​the heart which has the effect of aligning our different body and thus help us to breathe freely. By transmitting boldness and strength, the fir brings light and warmth to the heart of our being. There stimulation of the body's energy circulation results in a powerful renewed energy. The emotional and energetic virtues attributed to the different hydrosols on this site are taken from different sources (see bibliography) as well as from our personal experiences, they are subject to evolution and modification in depending on the sharing of experience and feelings of each person.
    Ingredients: HA White Fir
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Vitaflore is a Valais distillery, located in Grimisuat. We produce hydrosols and essential oils from plants harvested wild or cultivated by us. We are keen not to use synthetic chemicals in our plantations and attach great importance to the quality of the plants as well as that of the water used during distillation. Our hydrosols, thanks to the extraction method developed by our distiller, are between 2 and 10 times more concentrated than most hydrosols available on the market. We also attach as much importance to the energy quality of our products as to their physico-chemical quality. In order to achieve this goal, we strive to maintain consistency throughout the production chain. You can learn much more about our products, our facilities and our team members on our website.