Green lentil spirals 550g

Pasta with a difference

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Dorfstrasse 17
Niederösch, Bern
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    Our green lentils in the shape of spirals
    Ingredients: green lentils
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Hauert's Kartoffeln & Linsen
Welcome to HAUERT's We run a mixed business with arable farming, pig fattening, calf rearing for large cattle fattening and a small direct marketing business. Over the last few years we have started growing lentils and have specialized more and more in lentils and potatoes. We now produce around 400,000kg of potatoes every year and the area under cultivation for lentils has grown to 5.3ha. Today we are at the point where we are happy to supply potatoes and lentils to private individuals as well as resellers (e.g. village shops, Landi, Volg, other direct marketers, unpackaged shops, etc.) or catering kitchens. We would like to expand this area. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂