Invincible perfume extract 100 ml

Long-lasting perfume extract

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    My Geisha Invincible - a special olfactory creation from the Unstoppable collection, which helps you convey emotions that cannot be translated into words. The perfume extract is like a dose of adrenaline. Stronger, more empowering, bolder and more seductive than ever. The floral-oriental bouquet is complemented by anise, musk and rosemary. Perfume yourself with a true olfactory triumph!
    Ingredients: Top notes: Saffron, Rose, Rose, Anise, Nutmeg, Lavender Heart notes: Labdanum, Cashmere wood, Rosemary, Oud Base notes: Agarwood, Amber, Lamb, Musk, Patchouli
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My Geisha Genève
my Geisha perfumes have a complex and sophisticated composition that combines floral, fruity and woody notes to create a unique and memorable olfactory experience that offers a fresh and energizing note. Overall, My Geisha is a particularly refined and sophisticated olfactory creation which represents an olfactory journey. Our aromas are ideal for women and men who appreciate elegance, refinement and beauty. my Geisha perfumes are created using the finest natural ingredients, such as flowers, herbs and spices.