Jamu PlantBrew, Ginger & Curcuma (20 capsules)


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ZĂŒrich, Zurich
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    TASTE THE REAL: PURE INGREDIENTS, ZERO COMPROMISE. UNLEASH THE POWER OF PLANTS: PURE ROOTS, PURE POTENTIAL. A pure ginger & turmeric mix, ready to pop into your Nespresso Original Machine* for a hot shot đŸ’Ș (unless you're adding some milk for a smooth Jamu Latte). A natural blend made to diversify the art of brewing plants. Our Jamu PlantBrew is about carving time out of each day to enjoy a fiery & wholesome drink. A ginger and turmeric root’s blend carefully balanced to offer you a mindful and unique experience. Taste : smooth, fiery and gently bitter, with a lifting after-taste. HOW TO DRINK IT? Indulge in the fiery flavors of a Ginger & Turmeric plantbrew. For a quick shot, try our Jamuspresso. If you prefer a smoother taste, add in some milk. For a touch of sweetness, drizzle in some honey or a plant-based sweetener. Our Jamu PlantBrew capsules* are compatible with the Nespresso** original machines. WHAT ELSE? Ingredients: Ginger, Curcuma. Store in a cool, dry place. *Aluminium capsules. **This brand is owned by third parties who have no relationship with P&M Group.
    Ingredients: ginger, curcuma, turmeric
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Jamu Drinks
It all started with an Indonesian drink: Jamu. And the crazy idea of creating this alternative drink in Switzerland. Our motto? ‘Filling up your lives with more meaningful drinks’. Who said tasty had to be unhealthy. You can find all the flavours you want with the most natural and exotic ingredients! Since 2022, Jamu Drinks has been experimenting with asian ingredients to concoct tasty herbal drinks. Production is handmade in small batches in ZĂŒrich, with 100% natural ingredients. Whether you prefer to drink your Jamu in a bottle or capsule, cold or hot, in the morning or during the day, you’ll find something to your taste. Offer yourself new flavours to your palate! We’re bringing you some of the finest Asian inspired drinks.