Basket of seasonal organic vegetables, for 2 people

Clos-du-Moulin 1, 1404 Cuarny, Vaud
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    Seasonal organic vegetables + a processed product from our production (in winter)
    Ingredients: Seasonal vegetables, salad, basket of vegetables,
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Clos du Moulin
Small family farm focused on growing organic vegetables of all kinds and colors. To avoid wasting anything, we transform all the slightly less beautiful fruits and vegetables into delicious sweet and savory preserves. Among our most popular products: homemade ketchup, our fresh garlic paste, eggplant caviar, cardoon cream, sweet and sour zucchini...but of course also strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb jams and coulis , blackcurrant... We deliver once a week (free) in the Yverdon-Yvonand-Ste-Croix region