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Consumers are increasingly turning to digital to find what they need in stores near them. The same goes when they look for local and artisanal products from their favorite producers or artisans. It's a fact: searches for "buy nearby" have tripled in the last two years. With Mimelis, reach these consumers by showing your products in store to tell them what you have in stock: you thus generate more sales in your physical establishment.

Show and sell your products with Mimelis

frequently asked Questions

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  • What elements are required to be able to show the products available in store?
    To show the products available in your store, grocery store or collection point, you must create a Mimelis seller account, add your point of sale and indicate the products available for reservation in your establishment (indicating their prices and quantities available) . You must also have at least one physical store or pickup location and be involved in the product manufacturing process. Grocery stores offering products from local producers and artisans are also accepted. On the other hand, it is not necessary to have an e-commerce website.
  • Where will my in-store products be displayed?
    Your in-store products will be displayed in multiple locations on the Mimelis platform and can be easily found by consumers looking for similar products near your point of sale. Your available products will also be directly visible on search engines such as Google or Bing, for example, at no additional cost.
  • What products from my store could I make visible?
    You will be able to add the products that you produce, and more generally the products in which you participate in the manufacturing process. The Mimelis platform specializes in the direct sale of artisanal products from producers and artisans. In addition, grocery stores and points of sale which mainly stock products from local producers or artisans can now be part of the adventure!
  • How will I be charged when showing products available in store or from my operation?
    There are no fees for creating your online point of sale, adding your product offers and using the Mimelis seller application. Only in the event of a sale, fees are applied to the amount paid by the customer for their order. They include remuneration for our service but also payment processing costs. Each month you automatically receive the balance in your bank account.

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